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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

hello my blogspot

hello , my blogger 
i cant remember that how long i dint update my blog ;)
totally , i'm finish my school career 
next step is dyed hair and find a stable work 
it's a steps after graduation 
i've done to my hair and found a kindergarten teacher for my full time
part time helper saloon -[mama shop]-
do you found a stable job , friend ? ;)
if haven found a stable job , try to find in newspaper ;)

talk back to my life ;)
tomorrow need interview for my full time job
i am tension about it ;p
by the way , i still to sing k with them at LOUD SPEAKER , look at down ;)
wait for room 
ready to go
inside lift 
inside room 
Lol , ask him to make a cutie face , make dou gan yong ;D
say hello , boy ;p


end ;)
thanks for viewing ..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

有了I-pad2,现在每个月都会有了负担,要还sim card的钱:)





Saturday, October 1, 2011


sorry for late 
25th is my friend esther kim yun mei birthday
26th is my kai jie coco birthday 
but we celebrate with them at 24th
location is GOLALA pub ;)
woah , long time dint meet my girls ..
miss them actually ;)

we plan to give esther a suprise
we bluff her we cant celebrate to her , HAHA !
esther , you "xiong che" xD

before we went to there , we went to kepong station one 
to meet our singer friend Henry lee ;)
today was his last day sing at kepong station one
so we meet him for farewell
have a funny game with my girls there

every ugly pose we had been to make it more ugly 

around 12;30a.m
we move to GOLALA
we hide the cakes and wait for esther kim finish her job
then we celebrate to her and coco
'Ding Dong Ding '
it's time to celebrate ;D
i like my kai jie ;)
here is my girls 
less one funny and cutie 
she's name jiun , she's taken vegetarian , so she cant attend
it's okay jiun , after it , we meet up again ya ;)

last time have some problem with them , have a bad memories with them
but , i am very enjoy its 
so , no need to said sorry to me , sweeti ;)
you are a sweet girl 
i heard that what is happening on you 
everything will be fine there 
dun worry , girl 
you will be well ;-* 

it's time to sleep , buddies ;)
good night !
will update soon =) 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


yesterday was skip my tuition class ;)
oppss ..

my plan for today is movie , but when night , my dude ask to cheong k .
let's join them ;)
around 11p.m till 4 a.m 
GOSHH ,crazy them ;D

photooooo ;)

dun call me chubby girl , okay ?

homiee ;)

nice song , touch wehhh ;)



与其这样,为什么不拿出自己的真感情出来,你我都相处得愉快,更加不会存在着心机 ;)

Friday, September 16, 2011

i'm home ;)

wow , how long i din update my bloggie ;)
should i said that , hello , friend's ..hehe .
start to my topic 
i'm not really fine on this few week 
because of something problem , in this moment , problem is solve ..
on today , 16092011
i was dream till evening around 5.00p.m++
wow , amazing to it , i'm a pig xD
when i was awake , i call back to my babe hiew yin , she's at kepog jusco .
i heard that , lot of my classmate is at kepong jusco , so , i pan to go jusco and meet up with them ;)
i'm crazy !
crazy person doing a crazy thing ;D
lame ><
i am taken for my dinner with my baby boy at jonny's 
then i saw a crazy guy is taken dinner too at BBQ plaza with sin erh lim and ACE linger ..

movieeeee ;)
not bad to this movie , funny ;DDD
after finish movie , our next location is 'look out point' 
gar leong , ah hong , edric , tom , my BBY and me is enjoy for gossip ;)
it's i-phone effect when capture a landscape .

finally , i'm home !
hello mummy ;)

should you look forward to my sunday post , i tot that's a funny post .
THE END 16092011

Monday, August 15, 2011

cameron highand trip ;)

cameron highland , i am come !
night of the landscape ..
our hotel , taste of france ya ?
roy gan , you are died xDD
image habis ~

stawberry cafe , have a nice dessert ;D
tea garden
如果天天对着它,眼睛近视都没有啊 ;)
mineral stawberry ..

our one month anniversary :)
have a nice trip !

[ and sorry for late ]

Thursday, August 4, 2011

the beginning of AUGUST :)

hello :)
sorry for late ;p
the beginning of august , cin-cin cai-cai gam update lah hah .

woots , did you saw it ?
i wash his hair ;p

tea time with them , happy :)

i like this picture , bcoz cant see your face , LMFAO :D
our fist pic , sweet xDD

哈哈 , eeko 说今天竟然说我;"你有什么是不想学的"
说的也是 xD
TMD 她,她有什么是不敢说得? haha !

爽咯 :D

i am looking forward to this saturday , HAHA ! 
shhh .. dun tell him ya , later he will laugh till cant sleep ;p
cameron highland , i will come at sat , wait me ya ~
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